This was a really, really difficult assignment. There is so much to be grateful for. How do I show such things; life, health, wife, kids, family, friends, air, root beer, bbq, etc?

So I took a much for foucused approach. I am extremely grateful for Matt’s friendship and what this little project has done for me over these past few months. This is his back porch.


“Requiem Mass in D Minor, K. 626: VII. Lacrymosa”, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is what I think of when I hear that word. I have a deep connection to that piece. I have seen it performed live several times in 3 different countries.

It is also the music that surrounds one of the last scenes Milos Forman’s masterpiece Amadeus. If you have not seen it, I cannot recommend it enough. Spoiler Alert: at the end of the film, Amadeus dies penniless and is buried in a pauper’s grave. The final shot of the grave shows a tree branch breaking the frame as a gentle cloud calcium oxide fills the air.

It is absolutely beautiful.

My image is an homage to Miroslav Ondricek, the director of photography on the film.

There is so much I love about EO, and this week is a perfect example. Matt and I have never discussed this movie nor my love of Mozart. Yet out of the blue he assigns me a word that allows me to explore an idea tied to a treasured memory.